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The world’s End: Way of depression

The world’s End: Way of depression

The world’s End: Way of depression

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    The world’s End: Way of depression
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Noah and Yuri awaken in a desolate, post-apocalyptic Tokyo, surrounded by ruined buildings and an eerie silence. With no memory of the past or knowledge of how they arrived, they struggle to survive in this hostile environment. As they scavenge for food and seek shelter, they uncover a diary revealing that they are 500 years in the future. The weight of this revelation strains their relationship, leading to a heart-wrenching confrontation. Amidst Noah's mental breakdown and Yuri's physical exhaustion, they slowly rebuild their bond, finding solace in each other. However, their fragile peace is shattered by a devastating flood that separates them. Alone and disoriented, Noah and Yuri must navigate new challenges and harsh conditions, driven by the hope of reuniting. Amidst the ruins of civilization, they cling to the belief that together, they can overcome the darkest of times.