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A Certain Magical Reincarnation

A Certain Magical Reincarnation

A Certain Magical Reincarnation

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Trevor, a 37-year-old unremarkable editor, led a mundane, unfulfilled life, marked by loneliness and lack of ambition. He was ordinary: a virgin, single, average-looking, with an average job, no ambition, no achievements, and no fulfillment.

He was just another cog in the everyday matrix of daily life and society.

He claimed it was a life fairly well led, but reality called it bullshit

After a week of exhausting all-nighters, he died on a cold sidewalk, realizing he had achieved nothing.

In a twist of fate, Trevor was reborn in a fantasy world of Swords and Magic, dungeons and dragons; Gods and Demons, plunged at the center of it all, as Reo Bellar.

Prince of Woe and Ember of Ruin. An omen of calamity upon his new world

Born into this fantastical world, Reo aspired to break his matrix and live a fulfilling life with his family and friends in the slow comfort of the countryside.

Initially dreaming of a peaceful life, Reo soon faced a harsh reality of suffering and cruelty.

His soul, harboring a dark secret from a long-forgotten history, became the crucible in which his character was forged.

His existence harbored a morbid principle tied to the world's troubled history.

A slow life? Peace and serenity with his loved ones?

Those were never options.

Driven by a desire to protect his ideal life, Reo's journey took a darker turn as ambition began to creep into his consciousness. The shackles of fate binding his existence needed to be broken if he were to achieve his newfound aspirations.

However, the more powerful Reo became, the deeper he plunged into the abyss of depravity.

This was a tale of a certain magical reincarnation; a macabre story of tragedy and ruin.