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Nine Star Hegemon Body Techniques
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Annie Grey
[Volume 1 Completed] Everyone knows that the choices we make determines our future, but what about the choices that we ourselves didn't make but are forced to live with. After Annie wakes up from what seemed like a dream she discovers she is from a long line of witches and together with her Book Curtis and her new friend Matt she discovers herself and which side to be on the Good or the Bad ( Updates every 2 days) Volume 2 [Journey to the Misty Mountain] [Completed] After the events of Volume 1, the now powerless Annie and her friends must face the threat of Azazel still being alive, and lurking in the shadows, while they also try to find a way to regain Annie's lost powers. Come along with Annie, Maddie, Matt, Curtis, and a new supposed ally as they journey to the misty mountain in search of Annie's powers. Volume 3 [The Imperial Artrovan Academy] Following the final defeat of Azazel, Annie, Maddie and Matt struggle to cope as their lives return to some sort of normalcy only to realize that they had put two full years of their lives on hold with unfavourable consequences. This causes Stella to suggest that they go back to school to complete their studies, seeing as she has secured them all a place at the Imperial Artovan Academy that happens to be one of the prestigious academies in the Realm, known for its immense facilities and broad level of skills taught in the academy. And thus begins the new journey of Annie, Maddie and Matt, and like most of their journeys, they are rarely ever smooth. Join Annie, Maddie and Matt as they try to navigate new school life, friends, foes, young love and so the much more as they discover and unravel more mysteries and adventures.
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Born From a Forbidden Union, Humanity hates me.
Orion, born from the demon and angel factions, find himself being a target of the strongest being in the world and his underlings. To free himself and his family, hunting his enemies is necessary. But is he ready for the life threatening battles against forces stronger than him? Will he find enough allies to help him, or will he fight alone?
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